Four Golden Paws Retrievers


In loving memory of


Sir Tanner Golden Sunshine CD,JH

About Tanner

Tanner was Basil's best friend, they loved each other. When Basil went to Dog Heaven, Tanner was very sad, so we started our obiedience training to help perk him up. He loved it!
A friend then talked me into trying hunt classes with him too. We tried it, and we had a great time! At 5 years old, Tanner earned his JH titile and his SHR title. Unfortunately, Tanner's hips are not stellar, so as much as he loved the hunt tests, I did not want to push him physically, so I decided not to continue on for his senior title.
He goes whenever I go. Since we both missed having a second Golden in the house, we decided to look for another buddy to love. That's when we researched breeders and found Kodi. He and Kodi were best pals, and Tanner was happy to teach Kodi the ropes in the field.
He was my baby boy, he loved me and I loved him...