Four Golden Paws Retrievers


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HR Ambertrail's Northern Voyageur RA UD MH WCX VC CCA Can. CD JH WCX
July 26,2002 - June 17, 2009

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Career Highlights

Kodi is a once in a lifetime dog. I knew he was special from the very start! Even as a puppy, Kodi showed impressive drive, style, and perseverance. He's got a super temperament, and gets along with everybody. He loves to work, and lives to please. It is these characteristics that have made him an exemplary performance dog! Kodi began his field career by earning his SHR title at just 9 months of age, followed shortly by his JH at 11 months old. 

Kodi and I worked and trained hard, and we went on to earn his SH and CD titles together! Kodi also earned his CCA (conformation certificate), American CD and Canadian CD, WCX & JH while working beside me. For his advanced field work, he joined professional trainer Rob Babcock, where he mastered the skills needed to excel at the highest level of hunt test competition. He completed his HR and MH titles in the spring of 2008 while with Rob.

For the summer of 2008, he headed back into the odedience ring. He finished his RN title, followed by his UD title just 3 months after he completed his MH and HR titles. Thanks to Kathy Patregnani for her help in training and handling Kodi in the Rally and Utility rings. Kodi's impeccable attitude came through in the Utility Ring, earning him two 1st place ribbons and a 2nd place ribbon with an average score of 194.5. 

Kodi is one of only nine Goldens to have accomplished and earned both the UD and MH titles within a three month period! Ambertrail's Northern Voyageur (Kodi!) earned his AKC Master Hunter Title in June of 2008. Kodi then continued his journey by earning two more impressive titles, and AKC UD and a UKC HR title. All three titles were achieved within a three month time frame. During this time he also earned two legs towards his AKC RA title.

Kodi is truly a fantastic representative of the golden retriever breed. For this reason, I am proud to offer him at stud to approved females. Please contact me for more information on this very special boy!


Obedience Scores

American Kennel Club:


    • AKC CD: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Placements, average score 191.5
    • AKC CDX: Three 1st Place Awards, average score 195.5
    • AKC UD: Two 1st and One 2nd Place Awards, average score 194.5
    • RN: Two 1st Place and One 2nd Place Awards 


Canadian Kennel Club


    • CKC CD: Four 1st Place Awards, Four High In Trial Awards, average score 197.5


Kodi's Clearance Infromation


    • OFA Good Hips: GR-83715G52M-PI
    • Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL9853M24-PI
    • PennHip.38-.50
    • Eye clearance: CERF GR-25714/2005--8
    • Heart clearance: OFA GR-CA8324/26M/C-PI
    • Thyroid Clearance: OFA Normal
    • Optigen Prcd/Pra Normal/Clear