Four Golden Paws Retrievers



Four Golden Paws Retrievers

Versatile Golden Retrievers

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From a very young age, I have loved this breed. As a young girl, I was raised with Goldens. I loved our family dog, Rusty, so much that I could often be found sleeping in his dog house with him. When I was given Basil, who was my first Golden Retriever as an adult, my love for the breed was reawakened. He was the start of something wonderful in my life. I will always have a Golden (or two!) in my family, sharing my home. Each of my dogs has taught me something. My first dog, Mitzi, a little pomeranian, taught me how to appreciate and love my little lap dog. With each new adventure I have been able to gain something, from learning the very basics of obedience training with Basil and Tanner, to now learning the highest levels of hunt test and obedience competition with Kodi, Kira and Spirit. I feel honored to be able to love and work with this very special breed. 

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